A Short Trip to Jogja

Last month, I received an email from Australia Awards officer that mainly inform that I was the shortlisted candidate for Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) interview section. I was really surprised at that time because I think that I’ve uploaded the wrong document before and believe that I’ll not be chosen for the next process. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave a chance for me and I didn’t want to miss it. However, a little bit problem was also found. I had to join selection in Jogjakarta since I wrote Purwokerto as my address when I applied for the scholarship. I think the officer considered to put me there because it’s the nearest location to Purwokerto. So, here they are, I’ll share my story regarding my short trip to Jogja. I won’t share the process for AAS 2nd selection because I believe you can easily find this kind of information on other’s blog.

The selections were held on 28, 29 July and 2 August in Gadjah Mada University, thus, I asked three days leaves to my supervisor at office. Because the first test i.e IELTS speaking test was conducted on 28 July at 7 a.m and the day before I still worked, I decided to go Jogja by airplane. You can call me “ndeso” or something else, but yeah, it was actually my first trip using an airplane. I couldn’t sleep well the night before when I overthinking about my first flight. When the day came, after office hour, I came to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport by Taxi and I had to stuck in the terrible traffic jam. Alhamdulillah, I arrived at Halim on time but it couldn’t reduce my anxiety of first flight. At 7.15pm, there was an announcement on the speaker that inform the Citilink’s passenger with destination to Jogja to enter the plane. Honestly, I was still worried when I enter the cabin, but the song from RAN that played continuously could make me a little bit relax. Finally, the plane started to take off smoothly and I started to enjoy the trip. It was not as dreadful as I imagined before, although I got a terrible earache when the plane came near to landing. Finally, I arrived in Jogja safely at 8.30pm and decided to go Hostel I’ve booked before.

Talking about the hostel, I choose “Wisma Talenta II” near RSUP Dr. Sardjito because of the cheap prince and also it’s strategic location. I felt a little bit nostalgic when came to this place because it remind me into 4 years ago when I had to take a treatment at RSUP Dr. Sardjito. The next day, I came to Language Learning Center of UGM, which the location can be reached by foot from the hostel, to take IELTS speaking test. The test finished at 1pm and then I decided to back to the hostel to take a rest and prepared the IELTS test the day after. On Saturday, I took a comprehensive IELTS test, consist of Listening, Reading, and Writing which organized by IALF. Fyi, I have taken an IELTS test on February that organized by British Council and in my opinion, British Council organized the test better compared to IALF. Finally, the test finished at 12pm and I went to RSUP Dr. Sardjito area to have lunch while waiting for my sister came from Purwokerto. Yeah, my sister came here to accompany me besides traveling of course.

OK, the next day which is Sunday, I asked my sister to accompany me to “Sunmor UGM” aka Sunday Morning UGM. I was disappointed at that time when I realized that Sunmor is just a “Pasar Kaget” which is full of street vendors. After that, we decided to go Malioboro for shopping, of course, hahaha. I bought several clothes for me and my friends in Malioboro and also bought up several cheap hijab at Beringharjo Market. Fyi, there are several stores at Beringharjo that offer beautiful hijab with the cheap price, such as “Raja Murah”, “Ababil” etc. It’s the compulsory place you have to visit in Malioboro. Haha. Finally, my sister had to back to Purwokerto in the afternoon and I was alone again. Hiks.

Sunmor UGM a.k.a “Pasar Kaget”

Monday, I had no schedule for a test. Actually, the hostel provided a wifi but I was too bored just to stay here. Therefore, I decided to look for a comfort place which provides fast wifi to prepare interview material. The first destination was Central Library of UGM which can be reached by foot also. It is a comfort library I think (but in my opinion, UI has better facility and more modern library compared to UGM), but there was no wifi that I could use. Thus, I decided to go out and found an orientation for the new UGM student at Graha Sabha Pramana. I interested to look a while and excited when knew that there will be skydiving show here. 15 minutes after, I can see the awesome skydiving show from DIY’s air force.



Awesome Skydiving Show


The next day, which was also my last day in Jogja was spent for JST (Join Selected Team) Interview for AAS. At that time, I was interview by Prof Pam from Newcastle University, Australia and Dr. Sudirman from Hassanudin University, Makassar. Overall, the interview was running well.

Well, that’s a short story about my trip in Jogja. I got so many valuables experiences and also met new friends with similar dream through this trip. Regarding the AAS, whatever the result will be, I’ll accept it sincerely. I know that Allah always has the best plan for me 🙂