Preparing Python Environment for Deep Learning

Last week was very fascinating! I joined a summer school program namely Indonesian Summer School on Music Information Retrieval at Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. The event that was held from August 14, 2017 to August 18, 2017 was supported by several great lecturers and researchers from University of Indonesia, Vienna University of Technology and Johannes Kepler University. I was so excited because it was my first experience joining some classes where the lecturers came from European universities (dan tentu saja mengobati rasa kekecewaanku setelah gagal sekolah di Eropa). There were several topics discussed there, such as introduction to music information retrieval, content based and context based music information retrieval, introduction to deep learning and designing for users. The discussion of deep learning took me a lot of attention. In this post, I will explain several steps for preparing the environment for Deep Learning. I’ve not been confident enough to explain the theory of Deep Learning itself because I’m also still learning it haha. I wrote this post as a note for myself that sometimes forget some installation steps when I have to re-install it.

In this tutorial, I will set up Python environment (the version of Python used here is 2.7) for Deep Learning using Anaconda. For Deep Learning libraries, it will be used Keras and Theano. The detail steps are as follows:  Continue reading “Preparing Python Environment for Deep Learning”